“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.”

– Carly Fiorina


Metaphorically, if your marketing and sales strategies are the head, then data is the neck.

Continuing this theme, the head can’t (or shouldn’t) do much without the neck’s involvement. In other words, We believe that in today’s digital economy, the use of data to inform and guide business decisions is an essential component of growth.

Nobel prize-winning economist Ronald Coase said in the 1960’s “Torture the data and it will confess to anything” and we believe that this statement is as relevant (if not more so) now as it was over half a century ago.

As far as our ability to capture data goes, we’ve never had it so good. Almost every interaction we have with a customer today offers us the ability to capture data, and this knowledge can help us build incredibly detailed pictures of our current and future potential customers.



Quality data analytics are a marketer’s dream and the perfect business intelligence to help sales teams win more business.

And yet despite the acknowledgement by businesses that it plays a vital role, not all of them have introduced it into their culture at a strategic level.

Typically, we find that most organisations have some ability to capture data, but, in many cases, it is unstructured and disparate. As a result, there are many cases where critical decisions are being made in isolation without the benefit of business intelligence and qualitative data to support them.

At Logient we recognise the importance of data gathering and analysis but we also understand that an organisation cannot function properly when it is in a paralysis by analysis state.

Consequently, we are adept at implementing agile and effective data capture and analysis strategies. We will help you collate and organise your data in ways that will aid your strategic thinking. Providing you with meaningful and useful insights to support your business decisions.

Speak with us about how to unlock the power of your data.

“Neil and the team at Logient were invaluable in helping us to define our customer proposition and go to market strategy. They understood our requirements quickly and delivered each phase on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending them in future.”

Sharon Driver (Managing Director), MTC Aerosystems

“The continued growth of our business had presented us with the challenge of keeping a constant track of our sales pipeline. Logient was recommended to me, and I had an initial discovery call with them. Neil was incredibly helpful and presented us with several options, including a CRM system which we engaged Logient to build and deploy. It is already producing results for us. I’m delighted with the work Logient have done for us and will definitely use them again”

Moira Malcolm (Owner & Director), Rainbow Glass Studio

“I can highly recommend Logient for their excellent marketing skills. Neil has recently assisted me in setting up email marketing campaigns and his knowledge in this field, as well as sales, has been invaluable. His approach to all elements of the process has been professional, personable and his attention to detail is 100%. He guided me through every step with infinite patience (vital!) and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you Neil!”

Carol Smith (Owner & Director), Scottish Keepsakes

“We approached Logient to assist us with a rebrand project. We had a reasonably good idea of what we needed and briefed Neil accordingly. What impressed me about their work was that it didn’t result in endless meetings and design tweaks. He understood what we needed straight away and delivered a compelling identity for our sister company which is strong enough to stand on its own but is also consistent with our overall brand identity. We will use Logient again without question.”

Gavin Brown (Owner / Director), Oricom