At Logient, we’ve spent a lot of time defining our brand, culture and values. Yes, we are a management consultancy and yes we have proven expertise in marketing strategy, business development as well as digital transformation; but we’re more than that.

To clarify, we’re not just a management consultancy, we are growth consultancy.

And although that may seem like a grandiose title driven by some cleverly crafted marketing or perhaps a term better suited to the horticultural industry, we firmly believe that this is what we are in the business of providing to our clients.

In the first place, our job is to work with you to help you ask better questions. Of your business, structure, processes and procedures, aspirations, and current practices. In other words, we need to understand you and what you are looking to achieve.

After we understand more about you, we can then help you build even firmer foundations. Then, with these in place, we will be on hand to recommend, plan, implement and assist you to drive the next phase of your organisation’s growth, whatever that may be.

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Enabling and encouraging growth